Padstow Skate Park.

Padstow needs a skatepark! Here are some of our ideas how you may be able to help...

1) Website link. We would be able to feature your logo, a bit of text about your company and a link to your website. Suggested donation of £50+

2) Advertising Board next to the Skate Park. We plan to put up some sponsorship boards on the Wheal Jubilee Parc where the skatepark will be built. This would give an opportunity to show your support by having your logo etc displayed. Suggested donation of £250+

3) Sponsor an information banner. We wish to order a roll-up banner which we will display at various locations and exhibitions. This will outline the ideas for the skatepark, show the plan and list the benefits that a skatepark will bring to the community (please see the document on the website about these benefits!).

4) Donation of stock. We plan to have a number of publicity days in and around Padstow where the young people will run a fund raising stall, have display banners out and generally be around to talk to people about the skatepark. If they had things to sell then this would be an opportunity to raise money.

5) Help to run an event. The young people are keen to raise money themselves and promote awareness of the project. They are also very mindful to show the community that they can be responsible and would like to be given the opportunity to be seen in a different light to how many people currently see them. This may involve bag packing for example.

6) Donation of time. Currently there are three voluntary Trustees managing this project. We meet up twice a month with a group of young people to think of fund raising ideas and apply for grants. If anyone can assist with time to help attend one of these meetings to help with form filling then it would be appreciated.

7) Larger donations. Some of the grants that we are applying for are between £2,000 and £10,000. Often these grants are looked at more favourably if we can “match fund” so if you are in a position to help out with a large donation then we would very much like to hear from you!

8) Any other ideas...

For more information about the benefits a Skate Park brings to the community please READ THIS DOCUMENT

If you are interested in pledging financial support, helping the Trustees or if you are Young Person willing to join with us to apply for funding and help with the creation of your skate park please do contact us using the email address below.

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